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Results of Bellator 92

Friday, 08 March 2013, 17:21
Results of Bellator 92

Results of Bellator 92: Not to stop "Frodo" even blows below the belt

On an event of Bellator 92 passed semifinal duels of tournament featherweight and tournament middleweights. Magomedrasul Hasbulayev crushed the next Brazilian both in a rack, and in orchestra seats. Marlon Sandro who won against Akop Stepanyan a quarterfinal very disputable decision, shook the Russian fighter by a blow below the belt, but "Frodo" could continue fight, surely won the first two rounds, and in the third compelled the judge to stop fight long graund’and’paund. In the ending it will meet Mike Richman who won Alexander Bezerra the separate decision of judges very close fight. Hasbulayev in any case favourite.

The sultan Aliyev carried out an excellent first round against Dag Marchal, but from the second it avoided fight and was limited only to transfers to orchestra seats. Marshall in turn had problems it was possible to catch up with the opponent and to hit Aliyev to it too not often. In principle, on points Aliyev had to win, but judges punished him for the extremely passive fight and I completely support them. Marshall sought for fight, and Aliyev broke fight.

Dan Kramer nearly didn't throw out the second favourite of tournament. Brett Cooper lost nearly three rounds when he at last managed to shake and finish the rival. And that, it was possible only because Kramer up to the end conducted uncompromising fight though after two won rounds I was able to afford to work more carefully.

Entrenchment Stepanyan showed excellent fight and knocked out Chris Saunders nearly two times for fight. In the second round it punched quite good blow in the case, but Saunders signaled a blow below the belt and received time for restoration from the judge. In the third round Stepanyan from a turn struck with a foot in the case and again the rival turned away. Only after the judge called it for fight continuation, Stepanyan finished the rival in orchestra seats.

Bellator 92 — results of an event

Magomedrasul Hasbulayev won against Marlon Sandro a technical knockout (gnp) P3 2:38
Dag Marchal won against the Sultan Aliyev the separate decision
Brett Cooper won against Dan Kramer a technical knockout (blows) P3 3:16
Mike Richman won Alexander Bezerra the separate decision
Entrenchment Stepanyan won against Chris Saunders a technical knockout (a revolving object in the case + a dobivaniye) P3 3:55
Keith Berri won against Richard Rigmaden delivery (kimura) P1 1:31
Josh Appelt won to Mannie Lahr the unanimous decision
Aaron Miller won against Shed Smith the unanimous decision
Brendon Helsi won against Roki Ramiresa delivery (triangle) P3 0:50
Nick Pyedmont won against Kleber Lusiano a technical knockout P3 0:56
Ricky Lezher won Saba against Homasi delivery (suffocation behind) P2 2:52

Record is published by the author Vovan Zamorsky


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