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Milana Dudiyeva: "The mixed single combats is a part of my life"

Tuesday, 01 April 2014, 10:09
Milana Dudiyeva:

Girls proved for a long time that can be not only womanly and beautiful, but also successfully participate in the mixed single combats. And female duels still any man didn't leave indifferent. One of the brightest representatives of female MMA in Russia Milana Dudiyeva (9-3, 3 KO) told MMABoxing about the trainings, defeats and victories.

Good afternoon, Milana! Tell us why you decided to go in for martial arts?

Good afternoon! I at first drove the brother on occupations, looked, very much it was pleasant to me, and I decided to go to section itself. I was eight years old. I was engaged at first in hand-to-hand fight, then my trainer left and advised not to get out of a shape, it is necessary to go to be engaged for judo. After several years of occupations of judo to me suggested to act on MMA. In me always there was a spirit of single combats, I couldn't refuse and acted in St. Petersburg. My first fight on MMA ended for me unsuccessfully. The sports rage, desire to prove that I can achieve achievements in the most universal sport didn't leave me alone. So I also fell in love with the mixed single combats. It became part of my life. Besides the mixed single combats also I act on judo, sambo and fight on belts.

- Whether there are in MMA fighters on whom you equal?

-  I there is nobody I don't equal, each person is individual.  Only I can tell that from fighters Fedor Emelyanenko the modesty, diligence and tranquillity is pleasant.  Even having finished sports career, it does a lot of things for development and promoting of the mixed single combats in Russia, thousands boys play sports thanks to it.  I consider him as the personality in the world of the mixed single combats.

- Whether there is in your career a fight which you can call sign for yourself?

- For me all fights sign. I can't allocate any of them. I prepare, prepares for everyone my competitor. Both of us leave to win. And in my career there were no easy fights. Sometimes happens heavier physically, and sometimes - morally. Therefore each fight demands attention, preparation and a spirit.

  -  Tell about the trainings and trainer's team.

-       I am engaged in a universal sport which collected all styles of martial arts in a single whole.       My training process is divided into functional and physical preparation, work on blows in a rack and improvement of skills of fight in orchestra seats.       And trainer's team at me small:       this is my trainer Stanislav Makiyev who it is constant with me on all collecting and competitions, he takes great pain to improve conditions of my training process.       We work with it over wrestling equipment, work in orchestra seats and functional and physical preparation.       Also to me Ibrahim Tibilov who itself is the acting fighter of MMA helps to prepare.       We work with Ibrahim over shock equipment of hands and feet.     

 Oksana Teslenko


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