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Alexander Surzhko: It is possible to call the forthcoming fight war of two characters

Tuesday, 18 March 2014, 13:48
Alexander Surzhko: It is possible to call the forthcoming fight war of two characters

The participant of the tournament "Legend-3" shared strategy on fight with Paul Daley and told that moved organizers to put it in couple with MMA star.

On April 5 in Milan on the 12-thousand arena "Mediolanum Forum" within the third show of the Russian promotion company "Legenda" one of the best domestic professional kickboxers Alexander Surzhko will cross gloves in a ring to the person dismissed of UFC for "bad behavior", with the fighter of all 10 which victories in fights by the rules K-1 came to the end ahead of schedule, whose nickname "Semteks" speaks for itself – great and awful Paul Daley.
About preparation for the rival to W5 which have just crushed the champion Alexander Stetsurenko, Surzhko told in exclusive interview of ValeTudo.ru.
ValeTudo.ru: On third "Legend" the world star of the commixed single combats of Paule Daley becomes your rival. Why organizers put you with it in couple?
– If it is honest, it was promoted by some factors. First, acquaintance of my boxing coach Igor Smolyanov to one of organizers of show Vladimir Voytekhovsky. Also I repeatedly came on trainings to Club of Single combats No. 1, sparred with many athletes of club, including with those who already fought on "Legend". Well and, of course, participation in the W5 tournaments. All this also affected that invited me to participate in "Legend".
ValeTudo.ru: Already started preparing? Special you acquire something, considering, what Paul after all more the fighter of MMA?
– I start purposeful preparation for fight any day: work in couples, snaryadny, functional trainings on physics and, of course, run. Any my preparation for fight doesn't do without run. As approaching tournament gradually I reduce distances and I increase speed. As for strategy on fight, there will be no I to exchange, to be cut – too. Paul Deyli though mainly also acts on MMA, nevertheless very good drummer so I will act on circumstances.
ValeTudo.ru: You have not a lot of time for preparation for the rival known for the victories knockouts how you are adjusted on performance psychologically?
– It is possible to call Paul Deyli the uncompromising fighter with strong character. I think, it is possible to call the forthcoming fight war of two characters. I want to leave and prove that I surpass the rival. I will fight up to the end, to a victory. Also I am adjusted only on a victory.
ValeTudo.ru: Than you intend to be engaged after "Legend"? Already there are any offers?
– Yes, in June I will fight in the final of the Grand Prix of W5. Tournament will be on June 7, and my birthday – on June 5 so the victory will be to me the best gift.
ValeTudo.ru: Alexander, thanks for frankness! We wish good luck!


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