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Kamil Gadzhiyev: Bagautinov wants to fight with Benavides

Thursday, 20 March 2014, 14:50
Kamil Gadzhiyev: Bagautinov wants to fight with Benavides

The general producer of FIGHT NIGHTS told ValeTudo.ru about a revenge Hasikov-Zambidis, fight Konstantin Yerokhin against Brett Rogers and Ali Bagautinov's plans.

On March 28 on the arena GTsKZ "Russia" in Moscow the Fight 15 tournament which main event there is a revenge of a star of FN TeamБату of Hasikov against the known Greek kickboxer Mike Zambidis will take place. Besides, fans will see fight of heavyweights Konstantin Yerokhin and Brett Rogers, and also intriguing match by the rules K-1 mezhduvladimiry Mineevy isergey Masloboyev.

On the eve of this event of ValeTudo.ru talked to Kamil about the future tournament, fighters of FN Team in UFC and Bellator, sports development in Russia and many other.

ValeTudo.ru: Kamil, good afternoon.


ValeTudo.ru: On "Fight-15" fight to Bath Hasikova against Mike Zambidis will take place. Fight is declared as "Hasikov's last duel in K-1". It is valid so?

I believe that he will win, as well as in the first fight. But it is sports, and always there is a theoretical probability that Bath will be lost. In this case, probably, he will be able to reflect on a revenge. But if he wins is 100% its last fight. Now it for preparation for fight for three months dropped out of life, postponed all the affairs in the Federation Council and simply plows in a hall. It is more such won't be able to afford any more.

ValeTudo.ru: With Zambidis without problems agreed about a revenge?

Problems continually. Continuous transfers of dates, it from our party - attempt to be arranged under the industry, holidays, etc. It, naturally, has plans. We start them pulling down – all this for us costs money, we have to compensate it somehow. Then – infinite discussion of rules. Mike tries to make secure so that it was more convenient for him to deprive to Bath of any trumps. And the last moment – drug test procedure. We discussed it long. We wanted to make such, fierce drug test. As a result agreed that the drug test will be, but they at desire can send these test tubes somewhere still. All these trifles rather exhausted.

ValeTudo.ru: And what by rules Zambidis's party wanted to change?

For example, they wanted to include in rules point that can't strike to Bath in fight one blow in a clinch. That is in principle in K-1 one blow in a clinch is resolved. It was similar to that made to Bath with Mike in last fight. Mike undersized, it can be dangerous to him. And here we because of one this point studied Talmuds of rules, connected experts from Europe, etc.

ValeTudo.ru: As a result you insisted on the?

Agreed, having called for common sense, we will tell so.

ValeTudo.ru: Kamil, to Bath won the first fight, and ahead of schedule. Why to it a revenge with Zambidis? Usually after all the defeated party looks for possibilities of the second fight.

It is some reasons as I see them. First, to Bath it wasn't satisfied with quality of a duel. It is pyatiraundovy fight, and there was a wish to fight really. Preparing for that fight, he told approximately the following: "I will show to Mike and all to the rests that there are we and that there are they". If slightly to wind off back, Mike Zambidis, Gago Drago, Albert Krauss is such, mythological characters on which fights many grew up. We take off a hat before them, but they, by and large, can be beaten all – it is just necessary to multiply our Russian level by any foreign technologies that to Bath, in principle, and does. And he speaks to me – "I know how to fight with Mike, I now will simply interrupt him". Respectively, that fight is a victory unambiguous, but it didn't give satisfaction to Bath. That is there is a wish to fight still.

The second – each athlete wants to participate in the life in any historical the iventakh, historical fights. At Vladimir Klitschko of such fights was already, probably, pieces 5. Povetkin has too such fight already one was in life. To baht too wants to participate in something like that, outstanding. And tournament such also will be, I promise.

ValeTudo.ru: Where how Hasikov prepared?

All preparation in Moscow. Now there will arrive sparring partners from Europe, we will bring two-three which well know Zambidis, fought with him, and anthopometrically approach. Couple of key sparrings with refereeing, etc. will already go. And so all in Moscow, in "Boxing academy", in Copernicus fitness club where there is a boxing coach, in a track and field athletics arena where to Bath runs, plus the pool.

ValeTudo.ru: Konstantin Yerokhin has a fight against Brett Rogers in to-meyn ивенте. How Konstantin prepares?

It places big emphasis on functional training. Its fights usually come to an end very quickly, and here Rogers's experience can lead to that fight will take place all allowed time. Kostya has to be ready.

Now there arrived Vitaly Minakov who itself prepares for protection of a title. Yerokhin will work with him. Minakov has Rogers-biggest beating all functionality, going forward. Plus will fulfill уходы from fight.

As a whole, such rivals – with a name, popularity – at Kostya yet weren't. I hope that he will win (if isn't present, we will ask a revenge), and he can be advanced more successfully already further.

ValeTudo.ru: Mineev's fight against Masloboyev by rules of a kickboxing. What you will tell about it?

Masloboyev – such, impudent guy. Their fight somehow didn't take place in the European championship in the final. Therefore this fight has an audience – not only in Russia, in Europe too. There will be a good fight.

I hope that with leaving to Bath we will have at least one kickboxer in a holder at which performances it is pleasant to look.

ValeTudo.ru: On your feelings – the kickboxing is demanded in Russia? Whether the idea to carry out mixed (on MMA and K-1) tournaments is actual?

The kickboxing, certainly, has an audience. But in MMA is also big layer of people who move these sports forward. There is a big pool of athletes, there is a real competition, more or less transparent selection. There is a serious matchmeyking, there are ratings, etc. In this plan the kickboxing very strongly lags behind MMA. The kickboxing it still remains to more show. Took, bungled, good kickboxers invited, made tournament on кику. But thus the kickboxing in many respects remains unsystematic. Who will undertake to systematize it – a big question.

ValeTudo.ru: Let's talk about the fighters submitting to FIGHT NIGHTS on the world scene. We will begin with Ali Bagautinov. What you will tell about its last fight and prospects?

We here remembered just recently: Ali had a big crisis two years ago – he lost two duels, then lost the final of the World Cup in fighting sambo. Everything coincided, and he started perceiving itself(himself) as loser at whom never will be big victories. At its huge potential! Then we tried to create to it conditions, material resources and so on – everything was corrected. Process went.

Then there came the moment when it rummaged all Russian industry of single combats, and it should be pulled out abroad. I can tell that having learned about the signing in UFC, it began to work even twice more. Really, all day long it is improved. He trains in the morning, in the afternoon he learns English, in the evening he again trains. That is he decided to go, as they say, all the way.

Plus he understands that he will fight 2-3 more years, and then its task - as there was it this bridge in UFC – its task this bridge and to remain. As soon as it will finish (career in UFC) we will involve it according to the full program in FIGHT NIGHTS – selection, promotion. I would like that such person was near. Ours is direct, for all 100%.

It very purposeful and disciplined, as showed fight with Lineker. We rearranged it in the lefthander, he trained month in the lefthander, and then left and made everything as we agreed. It means that to it all on teeth.

ValeTudo.ru: Negotiations on an occasion of the following rival are conducted?

No, no. While all these unofficial conversations at the level of our guesses. In a month, I think, we learn a name of the following rival of Ali.

ValeTudo.ru: Who it can be? And whom you would like to see?

Circle of possible candidates: Yens McColl, John Moraga, Joseph Benavides and John Dodson. Four guys, which nearby in a rating. If on everyone to walk, Dodson is a guy who together with Ali trains at Greg Jackson. There is a psychological moment, they train together – but will tell to fight with Dodson – we will fight with Dodson. He is very non-standard guy, but, I think, Ali will win against it. There are on that arguments.

There is John Moraga, there is Yens McColl – too very strong guys. Especially McColl, in my opinion. Also there is Joseph Benavides who it seems as already tried to finish career in MMA. And if now to ask Ali: "You whom would like to meet? ", he will answer - "I would fight with Benavides". Really speaks – "to me interesting to fight was with Benavides". Because then such opportunity any more won't be. It will precisely finish career just about.

Respectively, I think that it will be exact someone from this four.

ValeTudo.ru: What Ali now does?

Trains. It is involved in process, while on one training in day. Will grow that within a week after to us will give battle to act from here and to depart to the USA.

And so he was engaged recently in that selection work about which I spoke. It flied on the fighting sambo championship of Russia to Ulan-Ude. I carried there the younger brother who too will fight at us soon, I carried the pupil who won the championship of Russia, and, so – I looked behind our youth. Ali in a question subject, so to speak


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