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Aleksandr Karelin: we will become is stronger

Saturday, 29 March 2014, 12:02
Aleksandr Karelin: we will become is stronger

The well-known wrestler and the politician Aleksandr Karelin is convinced that Russia began a new era

On a visit at the TV host of 100 TV Valery Tatarov the deputy of the State Duma, the triple Olympic champion in wrestling, the Hero of Russia Alexander KARELIN who reflected on lack of man's education in the country, on events in Ukraine and on how they changed a world order visited.

– Alexander, you somehow told that wrestling gave you everything in life …

– Wrestling is not only a sport. I have such remarkable postulate: if nuclear war bursts, there are only two forms of life: these are cockroaches and wrestlers. Cockroaches – because are capable to sustain more X-ray, and wrestlers – because the wrestler – it everywhere. As life form. My father the boxer, but even it recognized superiority behind wrestling. It is very expensive assessment from lips of my father, Alexander Ivanovich. And now it supports the grandsons in their aspiration to be engaged in wrestling.

– In a case with Karelin everything is clear – it had such father. And many boys, even at existing fathers, have no fatherly education. Fathers thresh money, walk, drink – more shortly, live happily. Children don't see the real man as example for imitation. Here what advice you would give to the boy who has no luxury of communication with the father?

– You think, I had this luxury? I have a traveling father. He is a driver, left in the morning in the 6th mornings on Monday and came on Friday, maybe, after 8 o'clock in the evening. Everything depends all the same on the woman. If she understands that the man is important for education of children then at the father it will turn out much more. I am sincerely convinced of it. I am the deputy of the State Duma, to me often speak: "Here we there don't have sporting venues, there are no opportunities". Always I speak to the indignant fathers: "And you when the last time with the son walked in the park? Not cross-country with it ran together, not charging, not a press-up from a floor did and when the last time without beer bottle, without cigarette walked in the park? " Here a way to a healthy lifestyle. The luxury of communication is after all not time spent together. It after all the correct reference points, I am confident in it.

– If to take for model the fatherlike form of government the country, whether in life it is enough reference points from the state? I ask you including as representative of the party in power.

- I will specify – parties of the parliamentary majority. The matter is that can't teach the state everyone how to behave with the parents for a start. Therefore the state for me begins with the house, with a family.

– Events in Ukraine are personally interesting to me because of deficiency of an act. This shortage was filled by the Maidan and "Golden eagle".

– Resolute people – are at us such remarkable definition. I am familiar with children who serve in "Golden eagle". I understand that for them here this condition of the person who became "a krapovy beret", it isn't simple to receive opportunity any distinction. It is an occasion to have respect same as you, – people under the oath, soldiers, wrestlers, somehow. With what we began. Therefore and, are people of the decision. These are people who assume consequences. They don't consider and don't weigh infinitely what consequences will be.

– But from where they undertook, these tin tell-tales in the corrupted weak country? It seemed, they shouldn't be in these market conditions where everything is on sale. From where they undertake in life?

– Such guys were always and is now – in Russia too. They serve that ideal to which swore and which is far from an ideal. But they serve. In life simple, ordinary, real is an important word – heroes much more. And children from "Golden eagle" showed simply concentration. And now think, they stood three months without weapon. They stood three months, than they were engaged? You know. They fenced off those who for Yanukovych, from those who against Yanukovych. They worked with a fence. They served the state. And then them betrayed – here it is necessary to speak about it.

– War that me and you to learn was necessary that they are. To see strong people.

– Such people are but if every day them to look for application – crush. You want, I will give an example? We have a guy in Novosibirsk, the wrestler who won the Olympic Games in 2012. Then I came to a draft site. You know what was the most flatter assessment of an act of Roman Vlasov? The father of one more recruit, the lieutenant colonel, came and told: "Thanks a lot! " I speak: "And me for what? " He answers that here I since the childhood trained the son for that it will serve in army, and so thanks that my son not the only athletic, the prepared guy in this military registration and enlistment office.

– And it is obligatory for man to be strong?

– Surely! The man is obliged to be strong to be self-assured.

– You noticed, what in air smells as new life? All secret becomes obvious, times are accelerated, and somehow life changes in the eyes.

– Yes, time changes, and that occurs now, is a new world order. Someone says to me that I am a visionary, and I am convinced that it so.

– New world order? Sounds somehow …

– Yes, yes, a new world order in decision-making, in development of these decisions.

– Russia in this new world order takes already other place?

– Another, but is far not indisputable as was still. Because still us treated … You remember, how at Alexander III: "Russia has no friends, we frighten all of the formidability".

– "There are no friends, except army and fleet".

– No, these words are told for half a year later. Formidability, I would like to speak about it. We frighten all of formidability. And that occurs now in the Crimea, – it is wrong to say that these decisions are dictated by benefit, there not benefit. It is our argument including for the international community. This our argument and for all other Ukraine. And when hotheads speak supposedly give referenda in each southeast area we will hold and we will allow them to be a part of Russia – I will disagree with it. That these children didn't think supposedly if they intimidated Rada, the elected president, so and all people under them. It is too expensive price for ambitions. Therefore I will tell so: "Children, Ukraine is not a change, this sovereign state. And keeping its integrity, we have to provide the equal rights for all".

– Not often you are proud of the country. Really, it was pleasant to me as in this situation Russia behaved. Against this hysterics which Americans, Europeans arranged. And how many lies! Lies became the main hero of this conflict. It didn't surprise you?

– Actually war can't surprise, it can humiliate only. If a little bit to embellish, it is possible to accept. If slightly more, it is possible to laugh, so wisely to smile in moustaches if they are, certainly. And when your interlocutors consider that you won't distinguish lies from the truth, is humiliates. And that in 20 last years so distorted our general history, humiliates. And now us try to disaccustom to that, for example, Kiev …

– … mother of the cities of Russians.

– The most scandalous history. Who could guess to threaten on Kiev Pechersk Lavra? Here think for a minute to whom these cellars are necessary? I am not ready to compare at all Kosovo and Metokhiya  to  situation with the Crimea …

– Incorrect comparison …

– But incommensurable. I was there. You know how it is translated Braids and Metokhiya? Metokhiya is a church yard. And Braids is a blackbird. The number of churches, orthodox monasteries there reads off scale. I arrived to one monastery, to which 400 years. And the general from NATO speaks on such clear eye to the conventual, it such in the glasses …

– American general?

– American. Speaks to the conventual: "What you here so rest? You will think, there will be at you here everywhere a Muslim population, and to you will go as to the museum". It corrected glasses, answered: "You know, mister general, here when here already people addressed to God, nobody knew that there will be such state, as the USA".

– How it is projected to the Crimea?

– The Crimea always was quiet, resort, guided after all to Moscow, not to Kiev for obvious reasons. So was always. Us reproach with that today that we support allegedly separatist moods. It not so. At us still the heap of questions arises, it is necessary to work together still, but inhabitants of the Crimea have one simple desire: they want to return to historical roots. We can't bring them in this expectation. But we also can't promise that this way will be simple.

– You told that now with us reckon as we became stronger. And in what we became stronger and why?

– Question easy actually – the Olympic Games. I have to Ukraine one only a claim – they didn't allow us to be glad wholly to carrying out the Olympic Games, its results. And Paralympic Games too. Well, would postpone the revolution February at least for 2–3 weeks! To us to take pleasure in Dali in this triumph, impression on the world community, the Olympic Park, the Olympic village, Sochi absolutely new. The new city in Krasnaya Polyana. We showed to the whole world that we and in peace buildings are capable to prove. And we deceived nobody, we created to athletes the best conditions, than in other countries, from it anywhere you won't get to. The Olympic Games are too force of Russia. And Paralympians, look, titans of spirit. To them to live contraindicated many, and they win!

– I to you tar spoon. The people say that for such Olympic Games and the country didn't regret. That's the spirit: guests arrived – we roll out everything on a table, we take off the last shirt from themselves.

– And I so will answer you, here Mikhail Kusnirovich added the Russian ornaments in a form of our athletes, made it recognizable everywhere. The Hindu volunteer in Sochi approached to me and speaks: "There is a lot of Russians because your form it is visible from far away, it proud and courageous". Understand, this is the Hindu speaks! Therefore so I will answer your spoon of tar. We showed everything, on what are capable.

– The main thing now not to relax.

– It won't occur. Because we have today distinct reference points. That fatherly education, the purposes to which it is necessary to aspire. Here from where this feeling of force of Russia? Including at world powers. Esteem professor Cohen, the American.

– And of what Cohen convinced you?

– It strengthened me that I correctly treat the events. He told: "Russia has a historical chance to show that if world powers violated the obligations to Gorbachev if they move NATO to our borders three times, we can't allow them it". Everything is simple. The state concentrates. Today it is prestigious to serve. It is prestigious to be honourable – when you esteem for achievements. When we will find all-consuming feeling of the owner of the state and the country, we will learn not to blame success.

No matter, with what it is connected. At us if discuss the athlete, speak: "Yes, a star, the fees it is necessary to look". And it is necessary to admire and be proud after all, our compatriots show the such! Not to blame success is the following step in our development.

– You know, Sergey Petrovich Kapitsa, then the academician Aliyev and told many: "Show the normal people showing success. 3–5 years show. And the situation will change, the atmosphere in the state, the attitude towards will change, affairs will go up, people will want to give birth". Is it simple? Really on the screen it depends on the picture?

– It is necessary to show the correct reference points. To what we come? To reference points which are right for the country. The following history – promotion. To propagandize, advance that for us is important. Us today teach that? Seamy side, porno, gnilukh and all the rest. Who teaches us? If you allow, I will assume that it is favorable to enemies to slacken us spiritually. We have to do simple and correct things for us. We can argue to blue in the face that for us it is correct, wrong. But there is a corridor, a set of values which is right.

– Otherwise?

– Otherwise we are doomed. No enemies are necessary. Ourselves will crush ourselves, we will level, we will smear. Ancestors gave us these territories. Ancestors! And we before grinning and protecting the, look around: and what of us will think? And in the Crimea the same. If not neo-Nazi slogans and not Russian ban in Ukraine, we wouldn't evolve so dramatically. We would began to consider the prolonged consequences. But to us it is refused in general existence. It is the sphere of our interests. For me – the country one. It is some states. Territorial administrative divisions. And country one.

– It you now thought up an aphorism: country one, states a little!

– It is my position. Perhaps I am tongue-tied for such subjects, but I am convinced – the country one, there is a lot of states, the governments, governors. And only Russia for some reason again with the historical mission. You ponder for a minute. Generally, I will console you, we will become stronger and stronger.


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