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Writers and sport

Tuesday, 30 July 2013, 10:41
Writers and sport

It is considered that the healthy lifestyle and serious occupations by art aren't combined, especially in one person. However among classics there are a lot of such which the example disprove this delusion

Alexander Kuprin
Years of life: 1870-1938
Country: Russia
Works: stories "Duel", "Garnet Bracelet"
Sports: Greco-Roman wrestling
Alexander Ivanovich since youth was vigorous. For example, in 22 years second lieutenant Kuprin jumped out of a window of the second floor in reply to a call of the lady who promised a kiss for this trick.
Having left in an otstvka in 24 years, Kuprin moved to Kiev where got acquainted with owners of "The Russian circus"brothers Nikitiny and was fond of Greco-Roman wrestling. The writer started fighting in lightweight, and then in 1899 organized the city's first wrestling club — "The Kiev athletic society".Там, in circus of brothers Nikitinykh Kuprin got acquainted with Ivan Poddubny. At that time the legendary athlete was engaged in wrestling on belts, but Kuprin persuaded him to try in Greco-Roman wrestling (which Poddubny and glorified).
In 1901, having moved to St. Petersburg, the writer participated in the organization of wrestling duels in Modern circus where it had a place behind a judicial little table. When on a carpet there were disputed issues, the public always demanded that his word was decisive.


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