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About the Vologda belorizets and Japanese ninjias from the point of view of public relations

Monday, 19 August 2013, 10:48
About the Vologda belorizets and Japanese ninjias from the point of view of public relations

Teacher: And so children, know that the muskrat is too a rat, … PR is simple at it better

The word "ninjia" in Japanese appeared only in the XX century. Earlier in "secret spy, spy" value the term "sinobi" was used, "sino-bi-but-mono" is more exact. Spies in general, irrespectively their belongings to any clans were called as this term. Respectively, the word "sinobu" (instead of to "nin-dzyuets") designated usual art of espionage and investigation, diversions and sabotage, without a raid of mysticism, a clannishness, etc.

With diligence of present "experts" on the ninjia into mass consciousness hammered belief that ninjias used any unusual, fantastic equipment of fight with the weapon and without it. "Sinobi to a bu-dzyuets" - martial arts of the ninjia, of course, had a certain specifics, but this specifics was connected with tactics, instead of fight equipment.

Ninjias simply avoided direct collision with the opponent, worked stealthily, from round the corner. All receptions of medieval scouts of Japan were calculated on distracting, frightening, slowing down prosecution and to be washed away, without being got involved in fight.

Ninjias walk on a planet

Any ninjias as the operating force, in Japan in the XIX century any more wasn't, and clans of hereditary saboteurs, terrorists and scouts went in by this time for crafts and trade. In the country the samurai morals were cultivated - there is nothing more adequately, than with honor to be lost in glory of the emperor and the Rising sun Country. (Not casually former Samurais made frame of police. ) Most of all hours in the program of high school it was allocated for military science and traditional martial arts – judo and кэндо. (At judo, not so such ancient origin as it seems to us. Modern judo was born at the end of the XIX century. )

But on September 2, 1945 war ended for Japan with a checkmate, and for the first time for all history of the Country of a rising sun invaders stepped into its earth. It was very strong shock for generation of young men and girls who dopodlinno knew that they belong to the people being under the auspices of gods and operated by live god – the emperor.

Hundreds, and even thousands Japanese committed suicide, others tried to forget about everything. But were such who began to go in podpolno for the martial arts forbidden by the American administration, and for many it there was an act of courage and patriotism manifestation.

Masaaki Hatsuma who in 1945 was 14 years old, studying judo, met Takamatsu, the carrier of tradition of the ninjia, the thirty third patriarch of school to a nindzyuets of Togakure-ryu created in the XIII century on the basis of nine other schools.

(It isn't known, would learn the world about the ninjia if father Hatsuma didn't drink and didn't run on the house drunk with a knife in hands? For protection from violent in hop of the father the young man began to study martial arts).

Hatsuma, the owner 6 is given in karate - Sito-ryu, 4 is given in judo, having graduated from the university, got a medical education, became known as the artist and the calligrapher. Also continued to study at Takamatsu, by the nickname "Mongolian Tiger". It did many sketches and photos to display studied equipment on elements.He RECONSTRUCTED to a nindzyuets, according to stories, on records and old drawings.

And already at Hatsuma who has received a name the White Dragon, the American Stefen Hayes who, having returned to the USA studied, organized the first school to a nindzyuets, let out ten books about this ancient martial art. ("Spirit of soldiers shadows", "Fighting heritage of school of Togakure-ryu", "Military ways of an enlightenment", "Legends of the ninjia").

The business American put business on a commercial basis, and the "nindzyamaniya" which has come to us so began - in the woods situated near Moscow fan boys and quite adult morons in black overalls run... It is called - school to a nindzyuets. I even saw the Fighting to a Nindzyuets school announcement. As though there could be any other, for example, sports …

Since 1985 of the ninjia became constant characters of the Hollywood movies and comics, there was an advertizing of a uniform, the weapon and equipment of the ninjia.

And now we will estimate that would be if hundreds millions dollars were directed, for example, on removing hundreds movies about such remarkable people as Evens. (Tungus).

Here in photos they are pronounced Mongoloids with slanting eyes, in convenient clothes of hunters and soldiers, with sharp swords. To tell - that it is photos of the real ninjias – and the majority of people will believe.

And to think out anything there is no need - Tungus traditionally were considered as remarkable soldiers, and it was recorded not by leisure writers later hundreds years, and CONTEMPORARIES: "When they weren't subdued yet by Russians, between their tribes there were continuous contentions and slaughters. … Also hitherto remains in memory as some of Tungus were so dexterous that the arrows which are started up in them on the fly sufficed. Often similar udalets with incomprehensible dexterity, by means of a small schitik, is skillful to reflect the blows struck by five or even by six opponents until at them the stock of arrows" Tretjakov P. I. won't be exhausted. Turukhansky edge, its nature and inhabitants. St.-Petersburg, 1871. Page 162

And here to show such tricks, to dilute with syrup of national color and to fill in in the same copper of one hundred millions dollars of investments...

(Only for the right of the new screen version of the movie about the cherepashkakh-ninjia paid 60 million dollars).

To remove hundreds movies, in shops to sell toy Evenki boards and "palm trees" (something like a short saber on the long handle. Here it in drawing in a hand of the Evenki soldier).

To shoot the five hundred first movie with a simple plot everything according to the same recipe:

 "From the brother of the smith stole the sister. And he wants to revenge. He decided to become nindzy..."

And it is already unimportant that nindzy to become – it is impossible that it could be been born only. As it is impossible to BECOME the Evenki soldier. It was necessary to be born in a clan of soldiers, and to be trained from chest age.

And now present - the same million dollars are directed to untwist our, Vologda, the Legend about Beloriztsakh.

Here – a chapel Beloriztsev, here – tens options of a legend...

Reconstruction of one fight

(It is reconstructed on the basis of 29 options "Legends about Beloriztsakh" and as on conversations with tradition carriers "Bear harmony", "The Cossack Saviour" and descendants Beloriztsev

Let's present early morning in medieval Vologda; at not too high wooden fortifications newcomers prepare for storm. And suddenly open gate leave two in white clothes, nothing protected, with the uncovered heads. They slowly, slightly hopping, stamping the foot feet, approach to besieging, dragging on the ground any sticks. Towards to them leave a little dressed in chain armors and helmets of newcomers. The man in a white shirt clumsily lifts a stick, the saber sparkles and chops off a hand. And suddenly on a place of the chopped-off hand from a full sleeve appears new, picks up not in time to fall совню and immediately strikes some blows. And this simple reception with the imitation of a hand substituted under saber blow makes impression on our contemporary, and it is possible to present as it affected superstitious men of the Middle Ages!

 Those who could manage to notice that the fallen hand not real, already lie, struck in the blows in a liver, joints, a neck. And men in white clothes as it is slow, stamping the foot-dancing in beat 2/4, come nearer to the rests, making strange throat sounds. (These strange throat sounds - "horkanye" - and until now can be heard here and there in the Vologda villages before fight)

… Arrows whistle, the thrown darts fly, but they go, hardly considerably being shaken, impregnable, only suddenly one dart flies back and pierces to someone in a neck; right there the second suddenly with deaf knock gets slightly below than a helmet. Newcomers part, and Beloriztsa as slowly continue the way, carelessly waving away from arrows flying from all directions. Here they are already surrounded from all directions, here over them swords and halberds already rise, and suddenly they jump up, and run on shoulders and the heads, striking killing blows. Before the attacking manage to understand something, Beloriztsa already out of a ring, and strike blows behind. Their white shirts already in blood but it is unlikely that it is their blood. Protecting a back each other, they with an incomprehensible speed wave the weapon, and after each blow one more enemy falls. Even if the blow not deadly, the wounded isn't dangerous - after wound in a knee, for example, the person forgets about everything, and wants only that it was regretted by far mother …

The person is arranged so that from strong painful feeling he loses for some time ability to supervise the actions; he takes a broad view open eyes, but sees nothing, and moves chaotically … It covers the struck place with hands, rides on the ground, shouts … In some seconds he adapts for pain, but he already doesn't have these several seconds - the wide brilliant edge already slipped on his neck, and life follows from it … And the Beloriztsa, shipped in a fighting trance, pains don't feel.

Literally in a few minutes such threshing some tens wounded and the killed in the field lie.

Beloriztsa for short time stop, covering each other; with a crash break off the blood-stained shirts, put on fresh, before hanging at a belt. And again, in white shirts, being slightly shaken, they uncontrollably approach, as death angels …

Here the halberd shot up towards; hardly noticeable step aside from the line of blow and blow to an attacking hand; doubled by force of oncoming traffic, the blow turns a hand in крошево from bones and meat.

Evading from the following blow, bent to the earth – and the sand handful flies to eyes to the opponent; and it already falls down its second confusion, shine of metal on the earth, and its clothes bulk up blood …

The simple spittle in eyes - and the opponent involuntarily reacts; he blinks and throws back the head back, passing a mortal blow in a groin …

Menacing movement by a foot to a groin - and at once blow in a neck.

  From blow of the workmate to a patella the opponent fell, swept - right there by the way to jump up, and sharp movement having straightened feet, to hit with both heels on a thorax. After such blow the newcomer chained in a chain armor already never will get up.

They are two, and before them hundreds singles. Their graceful movements aren't constrained by an armor - before them the clumsy men burdened by iron with a set of open vulnerable points; here one raised a hand – and lightning blow in the unprotected armpit. The forward on the workmate held up a back – blow between the basis of a skull and the first vertebra.

Slow, measured movements, and suddenly - as the whitish, transparent strip flew over the earth, raising a dust, and here they already on the other hand where for them don't wait, measuredly тюкают newcomers on napes shestoper …

… In many centuries in the charter of the American army it will be written down: "The soldier directing in attack, has advantage of a moral superiority over the defending. Its rush has to be continuous and if it stops for defense, it loses the force and gives the chance to the opponent to get up courage".

Beloriztsa of such opportunity the opponent isn't given; they constantly step on the opponent, without allowing it to come round.

They in the elements; for many years psychological preparation of a distance the - they go forward, without being afraid of death, and the opponent is afraid to be lost and therefore makes one mistake for another and perishes …

 And even if, having pulled hard all in a crowd, having lost nearly one hundred fighters, the newcomers chained in armors manage to win against two Beloriztsev, to rejoice them early - from not distant grove, coming nearer to them, begin the slow procession the two more Beloriztsev, not knowing mercy.

 Long training and education beat out from them any scrupulousness; each their movement bears death. To win – they have to be cruel and ruthless, more cruel and ruthless, than enemies.

  Towards to them arrows fly, but they inevitably come nearer … Newcomers move back, and city gate at this time swing open, and on the demoralized enemy citizens snatch …

The fighting monks trained in pair fight carried out the task. Them carry away. One from the got wounds died, another managed to survive. It take away to the suburban village, between Vologda and Prilukami; (now this village is called the Settlement) where he will be treated by grandmas-vorozhei. Having got on feet, he will learn other belorizets …

Most often among pupils there was his son or the son of his workmate. Yes, these monks had children … As wrote Upas trees: "But where you sacred will find one that went to a landing? ".

How many million our, Vologda rubles are spent for the Voysez festival which for any horse-radish has to propagandize young EUROPEAN cinema?

And to shoot on this money the feature film about legendary Vologda heroes? For few months I am ready to write the working scenario.

And to start a tourist route?

And to receive money from wishing to study the Vologda system of monastic bloodless fight?

One of real receptions -

The attacked monk circular movement (from a foot, with swing through a shoulder and obliquely) the massive weighted cane struck one exact blow in a point one finger lower than an ear attacking. And what? And all … On half an hour, at least, the malefactor dropped out of reality, silently lay and to anybody I didn't stick. And when rose, I didn't remember that to it it happened, and bruises on it weren't.

One of the main cunnings of this blow – not to look in the face to the opponent that is characteristic of the Vologda monastic fight.

So, as you can see, hearings about vulnerability of orthodox monks are a little exaggerated. In former times monks weren't offended by Silushka as physical work was obligatory for all.

 And our monk, the woodcutter and the masterly carpenter who wasn't leaving an axe from the early childhood, in fight was more coolly than the shaolinsky puny monk with barehanded.

Besides – for few months I am ready to structure training and teaching system.

Here to you and the answer - why to the tourist to go to Vologda it is more, than for one day...

But such impression that in Vologda of money isn't necessary...

Pavel Shabanov, Vologda.


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