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Recent changes in rules of judo can negatively affect results of the Kazakhstan judoists

Friday, 01 March 2013, 09:49
Recent changes in rules of judo can negatively affect results of the Kazakhstan judoists

The state judo coach of RK Yerzhan Bayzhumanov commented on the occurred changes in judo rules.

At the end of last year the International federation of judo at a judicial seminar in Tashkent made the decision on change of some rules. Since "Grand Slam" tournament in Paris-2013, changes came into force and will work, at least, to the World Cup in Brazil, transfers vesti.kz.

Changes concerned some receptions and refereeing. So, fight is judged now by one arbitrator, instead of three as was earlier. Flawless victory "ippon" will give for a full contact of a back of a tatami if after carrying out reception the rival lands on a position "bridge", to it defeat also will be included. Besides, now for each remark "shydo" to the rival it won't be given priority in the account, estimates in a board will be charged only for technical actions. The one who will take three "shydo", disqualify.

Also definition of the winner by the judicial solution of "hanty" was cancelled. Now in case of a neutral outcome in "the golden won't be fast" time control, and the athlete, the first executed successful technical action will win, or the one who the first will receive the prevention loses.

- Changes which happened, already caused us some inconveniences, - Bayzhumanov told, - now the rival is forbidden to rush to feet, it is impossible to do captures of the case and belts are lower, so-called "bear embraces", also it is impossible to carry out any throws with capture for feet. For such throws disqualification at once follows, for captures will punish the prevention.

- Means, new rules apprehended negatively?

- My opinion, the accepted changes will make judo by less spectacular. All apprehended new rules differently. Someone remained is dissatisfied it is on the contrary convenient to whom to combat in such manner. Our school of judo, just as Japanese or Korean, from these rules loses many receptions - "mill", "bear capture". Also there is an opinion that by new rules it will be easier to fight to representatives of the European school of judo, and the president of the International federation of judo just represents this continent.

- Whether the accepted changes are connected with unsuccessful performance of the national team of Kazakhstan on large tournaments of this year?

-  Yes, we already felt on ourselves new rules, and didn't get used yet to them.  Therefore both in Paris, and in Düsseldorf acted not so well.  Also we have questions and to the head coach - the German expert Florean Velich.  I though don't participate in training process, but I call up to trainers and to experts.  The general opinion such is that while Velich didn't give to athletes anything such that not known by the Kazakhstan trainers.  Still complain that during collecting the instructor gives not enough time to fights, placing emphasis on gymnastics and an extension.  It everything is good, but "wrestling" practice has to be more.  As for rules, they though experimental, but will work during the whole year, and we should adapt for them.


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