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Victor Skvortsov called the flight reason from the national team of Moldova

Friday, 14 March 2014, 10:34
Victor Skvortsov called the flight reason from the national team of Moldova

The Moldavian judoists who a year ago have self-willedally run away to the United Arab Emirates, broke the long silence. Victor Skvortsov admitted that the decision to leave Moldova was accepted by athletes after the London Olympic Games.

According to the judoist, the main reason which has compelled it to run away to the United Arab Emirates — state financing cutting-down.
The Moldavian judoists kept silence exactly one year. About the reasons which have induced six former members of our national team to leave native Penates, Victor Skvortsov – the most successful Arab legionary told.
Victor Skvortsov: "Recently in us didn't invest money, we didn't participate in tournaments. After the Olympic Games cut off financing, trips. There was no opportunity somewhere to go. After that all national team made the decision to leave the country.
For the United Arab Emirates we speak at all tournaments. In Moldova such opportunity wasn't. We acted badly. We had 1 medal in a year. It seemed that it is serious result. We learned that we go on tournament in 2 days. Here I know the plan for year".
The decision to leave the native national team of Moldova came to judoists easily. Nobody regrets for parting.
Victor Skvortsov: "There were no experiences. The athlete always wanders, he is always far from the house, it is constant on trips. It is my life".
Pupils of domestic school of judo come to Moldova of once a month. In the homeland they happen more often than in the United Arab Emirates.
Victor Skvortsov: "We is constant on collecting in Europe, Asia, Japan. In the Emirates we happen time in half a year. We come simply to have a rest – to sunbathe, be bought. We aren't there.
For what they took us? In order that children looked at us, and saw where they should grow. There the Soviet mentors from Russia, Uzbekistan train. Training process differs nothing from ours. Only language another".
The year spent in the Arab national team, taught the Moldavian judoist Victor Skvortsov to observe a high sports security.
Victor Skvortsov: "I already forgot when last time I drank beer. The most important – a mode. If you believe in yourself, everything will turn out".
In the national team of the United Arab Emirates at Victor Skortsov while all turns out not. On the past Grand Slam in Paris the Arab legionary won "bronze". At the Olympic Games-2016 in Rio the Moldavian judoist isn't going to be content with the third place.
Victor Skvortsov: "I plan to win the Olympic Games. It is dream of each athlete. I, think, me within its powers".
In a world rating Victor Skvortsov takes the 8th place in weight category to 73 kilograms.


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