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Okruashvili's gold point

Monday, 24 March 2014, 08:38
Okruashvili's gold point

The national team of Georgia on judo won on the Grand Prix of Tbilisi of 9 medals and won first place in an all-team competition among the national teams of 24 countries. The catch of wards of Irakli Uznadze made 4 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals.

We will remind that for the first two days of three-day tournament Nugzar Tatalashvili (73 kg) and Avtandil Chrikishvili (81 kg) became champions, Lasha Shavdatuashvili (73 kg) seized a silver medal, and Lukhum Chkhvimiani (60 kg), Zebed Rekhviashvili (73 kg) and Ushangi Margiani (81 kg) took the third place. Today to the highest step of a pedestal there ascended Zviad Gogochuri (90 kg) and Adam Okruashvili (+100 kg), and Levan Matiashvili (+100 kg) became the bronze prize-winner.

90 kg it appeared that only weight category in which the national team of Georgia didn't manage to be used the quota allocated for owners completely. The preliminary application directly before tournament was left by Varlam Liparteliani. Seeded on tournament at the first number, Liparteliyani on the last training before competitions was traumatized backs and, according to the solution of a trainer's staff and doctors, didn't come to a tatami.

From the remained three Georgian athletes two began performance with the second circle – about 1/8 finals. And Beka Gviniashvili joined in fight from the first circle which won against Estonian Taavi Becker – having earned yuko and vazari.

Among young the main fight waited for the defending champion of Europe and the world in the second circle. About its forthcoming opposition with Russian Kirill Denisov started speaking at once after lot. According to many, the 18-year-old Georgian is already ready to struggling the naravnykh with the titled adult rivals, however the duel with Denisov showed that to big victories still the long and difficult road.

Denisov didn't give Gviniashvili even the slightest chance for free actions, and itself on the 5th minute earned vazari and quietly kept advantage.

Gviniashvili left tournament, but Denisova also comprehended failure – he in a semi-final lost Zviadu Gogochuri and switched over to the bronze final.

Gogochuri with such enthusiasm began a duel that at once forced the judge to warn the Russian. It also actively continued and though at the end of fight I got a bit tired a little, after all kept advantage, having won according to preventions 3:1.

To Gogochuri's semi-final I won two flawless victories – for the first effective ippon in a duel with Iranian Mohammad Jahmal it needed three and a half minutes, and it was quit with the representative of Ukraine Kuyedzhau Nkhabali in half-minute.

The final lasted only 69 seconds – the Georgian judoist the firm turn threw Italian Walter Fatschente on vazari and at once carried out deduction.

In Paat Gviniashvili's same weight category I finished performance in the main grid in a quarterfinal, having lost Fachente. The champion of Georgia at the very beginning of a duel fell on vazari and in remained time managed only that forced the judge to show to the rival three preventions.

Before fight with the Italian, Paat Gviniashvili managed to overcome Israeli Alon Sason. After transition in репешаж it at first won against Azerbaijanian Ramin Gurbanov, losing on a fight course for the account vazari and having carried out deduction before the most final siren, and in the bronze final already could do nothing with Denisov and was content with the fifth place.

In 100 kg to three Georgian judoists the road to the final was blocked by future winner of tournament – Ukrainian Artyom Bloshenko. In the first circle he won over Revaz Chikoidze, in a quarterfinal overcame Alexander Mskhaladze, and in a semi-final – David Loriashvili.

Loriashvili to a duel with Bloshenko carried out two good fights. It was quit with Lithuanian Martinas Vaskovichusem in 12 seconds an effective throw through a hip, and a quarterfinal won seeded on tournament at the first number of Iranian Javad Makhdzhuba thanks to vazari.

In the final репешажа Loriashvili met Azerbaijanian Elmar Gasimov and lost in equal fight at the expense of the prevention.

Alexander Mskhaladze managed to carry out one duel before passing into a consolatory stage – won against Russian Haybula Magomedov thanks to yuko. And on a way to bronze I couldn't show Makhdzhubu's worthy resistance and as a result I was content with the 7th place.

Chikoidze, Loriashvili and Mskhaladze appeared on one party of a grid, and Guram Tushishvili - on other half. The defending champion of Europe among the young won the right to support in the final репешажа, but if not a judicial mistake, probably it could be overcome and the highest step of a pedestal – in a semi-final it lost to the Moldavian from the United Arab Emirates Ivan Remarenko a throw which the judge estimated ippony, however really didn't pull on bigger, than vazari.

The 18-year-old Georgian judoist before continuing fight in repeshazh, managed to win two fights. He defeated the Kazakhstan citizen Talgat Armenov at the end of the second minute, and Azerbaijanian Elmar Gasimov overcame for the account shido in an extra time. Getting to number the prize-winner, it didn't have enough forces – against Makhdzhuba it fell in the bronze final on yuko twice and as a result took the 5th place.

In heavy weight Adam Okruashvili seeded at the first number completely justified the status of the favourite, having shown sure fight. It began performance with a quarterfinal and passed the compatriot Rostom Hakhaleishvili at the expense of four shido. It easily finished and with Romanian Daniel Natea who also forced to type four preventions. And in the final, in much open fight, I overcame the defending champion of Europe and the world among young Russian Anton Krivobokov who at first threw on vazari, and then I caught on deduction.

Levan Matiashvili began with a quarterfinal, but at once lost chances of gold and silver, having lost ippony Krivobokova. In a consolatory stage it in one and a half minutes laid on shovels of Estonian Juan Metis, and Natea forced to receive 4 shido.

Hakhaleishvili took the 7th place and brought to the national team a point. It won against Russian Stephane Sargsyan after earned yuko the first circle of the main grid and at once carried out deduction, and after loss to Adam Okruashvili could do nothing with the brother of this last - with Vakhtang who Bitiyev acts under the flag of Azerbaijan and under a surname.

In this weight  acted also to Onisa Bugadze, but – only once, in the first circle in which lost Krivobokova in intense fight at the expense of one prevention. In 4 seconds prior to Bugadze's final siren threw the rival, it is almost twice heavier than myself, on yuko, as it was recorded by the judge on a tatami, but then it is cancelled on request of a judicial table.

Today to a tatami there were also three representatives of the women's national team of Georgia. In 78 kg Nino Ozelashvili lost by ipponsin a quarterfinal and in a semi-final repeshazh to Russians, respectively, to Anastasia Dmitriyeva and Alyona Kachorovskaya. Heavyweights to Elena Quebadze and Irina Leonidze began performance with a quarterfinal and also at once passed into a consolatory stage where they had to battle with each other. 19-year-old Kebadze won at the expense of preventions and reached the bronze final in which lost ippony to Russian Ksenia Chibisova taking the 37th place in a world rating, and as a result took the 5th place.


Grand Prix


March 21-23


60 kg

1 Orhan Safarov (Azerbaijan)

2 Erkebulan Kosayev (Kazakhstan)

3 Arsen Galstyan (Russia)

3 Lukhum Chkhvimiani (Georgia)

5 Amiran Papinashvili (Georgia)

7 Georgy Brolashvili (Georgia)

7 Paata Merebashvili (Georgia)

66 kg

1 Nidzhat Shikhalizade (Azerbaijan)

2 Georgy Zantaraya (Ukraine)

3 Batgerel Batsetseg (Mongolia)

3 Alim Gadanov (Russia)

7 Shalva Kardava (Georgia)

7 Tristan Peikrishvili (Georgia)

73 kg

1 Nugzar Tatalashvili (Georgia)

2 Lasha Shavdatuashvili (Georgia)

3 Zebeda Rekhviashvili (Georgia)

3 Musa Mogushkov (Russia)

81 kg

1 Avtandil Chrikishvili (Georgia)

2 Travis Stephens (USA)

3 Ushangi Margiani (Georgia)

3 Asaph Chong (Israel)

90 kg

1 Zviad Gogochuri (Georgia)

2 Walter Fatschente (Italy)

3 Vadim Sinyavsky (Ukraine)

3 Kirill Denisov (Russia)

5 Paata Gviniashvili (Georgia)

100 kg

1 Artyom Bloshenko (Ukraine)

2 Ivan Remarenko (United Arab Emirates)

3 Javad Makhdzhub (Iran)

3 Elmar Gasimov (Azerbaijan)

5 David Loriashvili (Georgia)

5 Guram Tushishvili (Georgia)

7 Alexander Mskhaladze (Georgia)

+100 kg

1 Adam Okruashvili (Georgia)

2 Anton Krivobokov (Russia)

3 Stanislav Bondarenko (Ukraine)

3 Levan Matiashvili (Georgia)

7 RostomHakhaleishvili(Georgia)


48 kg

1 Natalya Kondratyeva (Russia)

2 Marina Chernyak (Ukraine)

3 Amelie Roseno (Israel)

3 Dilara Lokhmankhekim (Turkey)

52 kg

1 Gili Cohen (Israel)

2 Rosalba Forciniti (Italy)

3 Tatyana Levitskaya (Ukraine)

3 Natalya Kuzyutina (Russia)

57 kg

1 Irina Zabludina (Russia)

2 Jovan Rogitsch (Serbia)

3 Shushana Gevorkyan (Ukraine)

3 Kifayat Gasimov (Azerbaijan)

63 kg

1 Edvig Gvendi (Italy)

2 Yarden Gerbi (Israel)

3 Pari Suratcov (Russia)

3 Nina Milosevic (Slovenia)

7 Shorena Sharadze (Georgia)

70 kg

1 Barbara Matich (Croatia)

2 Ekaterina Denisenkova (Russia)

3 Irina Gaziyeva (Russia)

3 Lior Vildikan (Israel)

78 kg

1 Assunta Galeone (Italy)

2 Victoria Turks (Ukraine)

3 Ivana Maranich (Croatia)

3 Brigitta Matitsch (Croatia)

7 Nino Ozelashvili (Georgia)

+78 kg

1 Gulsakh Kochaturk (Turkey)

2 Sandra Yablonskite (Lithuania)

3 Maria Shekerova (Russia)

3 Ksenia Chibisova (Russia)

5 Elene Quebadze (Georgia)

7 Irine Leonidze (Georgia)

All-team competition

1 Georgia 4 1 4 5 9

2 Russia 2 2 9 5 2

3 Italy 2 2 0 1 0

4 Azerbaijan 2 0 2 2 3

5 Ukraine 1 3 4 3 5

Otar Maglakelidze


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