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Dnepryane were selected on the Cup of Ukraine!

Tuesday, 01 April 2014, 17:26
Dnepryane were selected on the Cup of Ukraine!

On March 29 the sports school No. 6 received participants of the Cup of the Dnepropetrovsk area on judo. Medal events were held by 67 athletes - 58 men and 9 women. It was selection to the Cup of Ukraine.

"It is calendar start. It isn't obligatory for the first numbers of combined Dnepropetrovsk area. Our many leaders passed these competitions. And, nevertheless, 6 masters of sports of the international class, 17 masters of sports, 23 candidates for the master of sports participated in the Cup of the Dnepropetrovsk area. Everything to whom control start is necessary now fought. Was participants in the female section of the program a little. We have problems with female judo, very few girls come to train to sports schools and sections" - the vice-president of Federation of judo of Dnepropetrovsk and the Chief judge of competitions Alexander Lenkov noted.
Men had a good competition traditionally in weight categories-66 and-73 of kg.
Men the only category where one participant was declared, had a weight of-55 kg. There gold was taken by Kirill Ivanov, the youngest participant of competitions (he is 15 years old), the pupil of Dzyudo-Dnepr sports club.
We will note that at women in the weight of-52 kg confirmed reputation of the strongest, Sergey Pliyev's wife - Lyudmila.
Following the results of the Cup of the Dnepropetrovsk area on judo among men and women the national team of our region which will act on the Open Cup of Ukraine in Sumy on May 23 and 24 will be created. We will remind that in the past season the Dnepropetrovsk masters of a tatami looked on a national cup enough impressively. Our team in the overall ranking bypassed Kiev and there was the second with 11 medals (3 gold, 2 silver, 6 bronze).
All results of the Cup of the Dnepropetrovsk area on judo:
52 kg
1 . Marina Frolova (DYuSSh №7, Krivoi Rog)
2 . Anna Belova (ODYuSSh" Spartak", Dnepropetrovsk)
57 kg
1 . Lyudmila Pliyeva (OSHVSM)
2 . Anna Shostak (ODYuSSh "Spartak", Dnepropetrovsk)
3 . Yulia Yurchenko (DVUFK)
Irina Avdeeva (ODYuSSh" Spartak", Dneprodzerzhinsk)
63 kg
1 . Natalya Oday ("Dynamo" KDYuSSh)
70 kg
1 . Aleksandra Serova (SK "Meteor")
78 kg
1 . Tatyana Savenko (OSHVSM)
55 kg
1 . Kirill Ivanov (SDYuSShOR №6 – SC "Judo Dnepr")
60 kg
1 . Valery Tkachyov (ODYuSSh "Spartak", Dnepropetrovsk)
2 . Dmitry Borodin (DVUFK)
3 . Daniil Hlopetsky (DVUFK)
Sabukhi Shirinov (ODYuSSh "Spartak", Dnepropetrovsk)
66 kg
1 . Gevorg Hachatryan (No. 6-CK "Tayfu" sports school)
2 . David Horava ("Dynamo" KDYuSSh)
3 . Artem Vorona (OSHVSM)
Dmitry Bakuyev (SDYuSShOR №6 – SK "Judo Dnepr")
73 kg
1 . Sergey Pliyev (OSHVSM)
2 . Vitaly Derevyanko (No. 6 sports school)
3 . Anatoly Martyshchenko ("Dynamo" KDYuSSh)
Dmitry Radchenko (No. 6 sports school)
81 kg
1 . Igor Shostak (No. 6 sports school)
2 . Sergey Popov (SDYuSShOR №6)
3 . Kamal Saadatov (SDYuSShOR №6-СК "Judo Dnepr")
Dmitry Kurbatsky (GDYUSSH)
90 kg
1 . Egeny Katayev (No. 6 sports school)
2 . Maxim Davidenko ( SDYuSShOR №6-СК "Judo Dnepr")
3 . Roman Demidenko ("Dynamo" KDYuSSh)
Mikhail Bayramov (SDYuSShOR №6)
100 kg
1 . Bogdan Muntyan (SDYuSShOR №6 – SK "Judo Dnepr")
2 . Daniil Prikhodko (ODYuSSh "Spartak", Dneprodzerzhinsk)
+100 kg

1 . Pyotr Kurchenko (OSHVSM)
2 . Grigory Revyuk (SDYuSShOR №6)

Larisa Babenko


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