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In Tuva said goodbye to known wrestler Chechen ool Mongush

Saturday, 22 June 2013, 13:14
In Tuva said goodbye to known wrestler Chechen ool Mongush

In Tuva on Friday said goodbye to known wrestler Chechen ool Mongush. He was killed on June 10 in the village Seserlig of the Pius-Hemsky area in 25 km from Kyzyl.

In memory of this outstanding athlete in the region wrestling tournament will be held. This decision it is declared on Friday on civil funeral in sport center of a name of Ivan Yarygin in which took part the head of the region Sholban Kara-ool, the instructor of the victim, the deserved trainer of Russia Dmitry Mindiashvili, known wrestlers from other regions of the country.

"Offensively also it is a shame with those who created such", - I told on memorial service Kara-ool, having asked men to give up thought to revenge.

Mindiashvili noted: "My pupil reached the highest results. To achieve such it is difficult, because in Russia and in the world, the competition huge. We will approve, coordinate the organization of tournament of his memory with the leaders of the republic... Its reputation will serve further for younger generation education".

Mongush was born on May 28, 1973 in Hayerakan's Tuva settlement. In free-style wrestling started being engaged from 14 years. In 1996 it was enlisted in Krasnoyarsk school of the highest sports skill in Dmitry Mindiashvili's group. I acted in weight category to 52 kg. After completion of sports career since 2000 I worked as the free-style wrestling coach at sport school of Kyzyl.

This Tuva wrestler is the winner of a team championship of the world "Cup of the nations"/1998/. Bronze prize-winner of the World Cup/1995/. Winner/1995/and bronze prize-winner of the championship of Russia/1997, 1999/. In 1989 he won superiority of Europe, and in five years before - superiority of Russia among young men. Repeated winner and prize-winner of the international tournaments. It is awarded awards of Tuva and the Russian Olympic Committee.

Mongush was gone on June 9. The consequence established that it took part in refereeing of competitions on national Tuva wrestling "kuresh". After that nobody saw the athlete. Searches proceeded more than a week, his body with signs of violent death found on June 18 in forest area in 30 km from Kyzyl. On business the 23-year-old suspect is detained.


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