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About us

About Club

The history of sports club of Greco-Roman wrestling "Samson" begins since 2004. Adherents and great admirers of wrestling -  Igor Pasivenko and Vladimir Dubina became founders of club.

Igor Pasivenko

President SC "SAMSON", vice-president of Club League of Greco-Roman wrestling of Ukraine

President of Club League of Greco-Roman wrestling of Ukraine

Vladimir Dubina

1971year of birth - Master of sports. Started being engaged wrestling at the known Kiev trainer of Karmatsky V.G. The numerous winner and the prize-winner of superiority of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling. Since 2007  works  the senior trainer in SC "Samson".

Vladimir Borisovich  daughter Vlada – the numerous winner of the Ukrainian and international tournaments on judo. VIDEO PHOTO

Head coach of SC "Samson"

Doroshenko Vitaly (1986y.b.), MS, winner of superiority of Ukraine and international tournaments, senior coach of the national team on Greco-Roman wrestling of Kiev on younger young men.

Today in club about 100 athletes of various age groups are engaged. Pupils of club are masters of sports, candidates for the master of sports, members and candidates for national teams of Ukraine, winners and prize-winners of superiority of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian university games, the international tournaments on Greco-Roman wrestling.

Since 2005 are carried out championships of Samson club in the Greco-roman and free-style wrestling.


From the date of the creation of SC "Samson" besides performance of the main objective, I realized projects in support and revival of fight of Ukraine

Club League of Greco-Roman wrestling of Ukraine

In 2007 founderы of SC "Samson" founded "Club League of Greco-Roman wrestling of Ukraine". The league signed the contract with Federation of Greco-Roman wrestling for a period of 10 years about carrying out all club competitions in Ukraine. The first championship of Ukraine was held on September 19-20, 2008 in Kiev.

Club Championship of Ukraine:

2008 - SC "Samson" takes the II place;

2009 - SC "Samson" takes the III place;

2010 - SC "Samson" takes the II place;

2011 - SC "Samson" takes the II place;

2012 - SC "Samson" takes the II place;

2013 - SC "Samson" takes the I place (foto, video)

Since 2010 the Club League publishes a rating of the best wrestlers of Ukraine of the greco-roman style.

Rating 2010

Rating of 2011 Photos from rewarding ceremony (Philippe Kadyrov's photo)

Rating 2012


The EuroFarmSport company (Moscow, Russia) - support of the Cup of Ukraine to Cherkassy

The SIMFORTOUR company (Kiev, Ukraine) - the national team of Ukraine on Greco-Roman wrestling was provided with mobile communication during the World Cup PHOTO

The Ullis company (Moscow, Russia) - the technical partner of the national team of Ukraine. PHOTO

The Ullis company (Moscow, Russia) awarded the best athletes of the Kiev boarding school. PHOTO


The Sports  Media Consulting company (Kiev, Ukraine) - participation of the Ukrainian wrestlers in the Board and Sword tournament (Moscow, Russia) PHOTO

The Sports  Media Consulting company (Kiev, Ukraine) revival of the Ukrainian wrestling on belts. PHOTO

Samson club site

The site of club began the work in 2005. Since May, 2010 on its pages are published not only club events, but also news of wrestling of the whole world.

So it looked till November 14, 2012.