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Results of weighing to the tournament Bellator 112

Friday, 14 March 2014, 13:53
Results of weighing to the tournament Bellator 112

Andrey Koreshkov is ready to the new Grand Prix; Daniel Strauss hardly fitted in the standard, slightly was without having broken the main fight of evening

In Hammond, the State of Indiana (USA) there took place traditional procedure of weighing of participants of tomorrow's fights of Bellator 112 which central event there is the third meeting of the defending champion in semi-lightweight of Daniel Strauss and the former title holder Pet "Paddy Mike" Karren.
Signs of that at Bellator not everything goes smoothly, started being shown on an empty scene of a casino "Horseshoe" long before the ceremony beginning. Strauss several times got up on scales, then left, obviously dissatisfied with result. Besides the fighter left the firm long dreadlocks and all to get rid from surplus of weight. Nevertheless, such victim didn't bring desirable result when time of control weighing came, the arrow on scales under the champion showed overweight in 200 grams, on disposal from which he received due in such cases regulations 2 hours.
His opponent Pat Karren from the first attempt kept within a division framework with result of 65,5 kg.
Fighters of ¼ Grand Prix in light-middleweight weight didn't give the organizer the surprises, all eight declared participants in weight.
Our compatriot the fighter of the Rusfighters team Andrey "Spartan" Koreshkov from Omsk, a beginning new campaign behind tournament gold, approached to performance weighing 77.4 kg. his rival American Na-Sean Barell of 77,5 kg.
Full results of weighing, weight of fighters it is specified in pounds:
Main duels:
Daniel Straus (145) * vs. Pat Curran (144.7) - from the second attempt 145
Nah-Shon Burrell (171) vs. Andrey Koreshkov (170.7)
Cristiano Souza (170.8) vs. Sam Oropeza (170.2)
Jesse Juarez (170.7) vs. Adam McDonough (170.5)
Paul Bradley (170.8) vs. Nathan Coy (170.5)
A.J. Matthews (170.5) vs. Belal Muhammad (170.7)
Lloyd Carter (136.1) * vs. Diego Marlon (136.6) * - from the second attempt both 136
Darrion Caldwell (145.7) vs. Lance Surma (146)
Derek Loffer (169) vs. Bobby Reardanz (169)
Jason Guida (213.5) vs. Anthony Gomez (214)
Erick Correa (263.5) vs. Daniel James (265)


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