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Теа DONGUZAShVILI: I promised Ezio Gamba that the marriage won't prevent work in the national team

Saturday, 29 March 2014, 12:08
Теа DONGUZAShVILI: I promised Ezio Gamba that the marriage won't prevent work in the national team

For the last few years of information on the eminent judoist, the prize-winner of the European championships, the world and the Olympic Games Tey Donguzashvili, replaced in 2012 of role of the sportswoman for a role of the trainer of the national team, was, perhaps, not only not less, and even it is more, than at the time of her active sports career

Always open, positive, witty, noticing and instantly analyzing a situation, Tea remains in the center of journalistic attention. The last bright event from Donguzashvili's life – the wedding which has taken place in St. Petersburg on March 1, once again forced mass media to start talking about Tey.

- Теа, your wedding took place in Petersburg on March 1. This date – any special for you?

- Actually during this period at me at work free "window" was formed, and to me gave two weeks of holiday. It would be possible to choose on February 28, but we stopped for March 1 as it is the first spring day.

I to the Russian winters hard got used. For the person which snow in the childhood seldom saw, in January never I put on a cap, was very difficult to get used to frosts. Right at the beginning after moving to St. Petersburg in general there was a shock: as it is possible to live here! Yes that here! The very first championship of Russia took place in Krasnoyarsk, and I simply was frightened.

- That?

- Frost. I didn't leave hotel, me absolutely interested nothing. It is clear that it was necessary to go to a hall, but the only thing, on what I was capable, so it to leave hotel and at once to jump in the car. And back - time minimum on the street. But now I treat it more simply.

- Time you mentioned work... In due time Ezio Gamba when invited you to work in a trainer's staff of Russian national team, was interested, whether you plan to marry in the next three-four years. And you said that isn't present. How he apprehended news of your wedding?

- He, of course, was very surprised how everything quickly occurred. In Europe so quickly don't marry, there only engagement can last half a year. Instead of so - got acquainted, and in half a year already a wedding. He spoke to me: "Tea, it after all so isn't enough! You think! ". Other trainer calmed him, said that at the Georgian it is so possible (smiles). Generally, Ezio told: "You are a free person in the choice". I promised that to the Olympic Games I won't leave anywhere, I will help and I will pass with team up to the end.

- Probably, you plan to arrange a celebration and in native Georgia?

- We only undersigned for Petersburg. Celebrated the mini-Georgian wedding of people on hundred. And in the summer in Georgia there will be a wedding. It even is more important, than to put a stamp in the passport. There it will be possible to bring together all relatives – visa registration to Russia business difficult.

- And how you got acquainted with your spouse? It too is related to sports?

- Alex - the boxer, was engaged in a kickboxing. I told that knew me long ago, I saw performance at the Olympic Games, then I met in the Georgian church, but I hesitated to approach and get acquainted. At some instant because of big load on work I ceased to go to church, and he decided that I left Petersburg. But we have a mutual friend, Robert Mshvidobadze, he fights in category to 60 kg. It, as well as Alex, from the city Gori.

They there met, the speech came about me. Alexander took an interest at Robert, whether he knows Thea Donguzashvili. Robert told that knows. Then us acquainted, and everything twirled.

In the summer of last year the native uncle took an interest, whether I plan to marry – a pier, it would be time to open a domestic wine which decided to leave "on a wedding" about ten years ago. I shook the head: "no". And a month later after that got acquainted with Alexander …

- Than it subdued you?

- First of all I subdued the blue eyes (laughs). He is very good person, very kind, attentive, understanding. I subdued the qualities. Alexander – the strong man.

- Your parents already managed to get acquainted with it?

- Everything occurred without me. I don't remember where at that moment I was – in Italy or Moscow. It went specially to Georgia to be my suitor for the hand at the father. Then I called me: turn on Skype. I engage. And at our place the table is laid, the person 20-25 sit. And he is my suitor for the hand at the father. I personally am not familiar with Alexander's mother, we communicated only by phone and on Skype.

- Probably, your uncle storing a domestic wine since 2004 "under a wedding", was glad to it most?

- The history had a continuation. I came to Georgia in the summer, and the uncle approached to me: "Tea, you aren't going to get married? I'm saying: the pier, it seems still isn't present. He began to say that it would be time for me because the ware is necessary to it to marry and in general "how many it is possible to store wine! ". And literally in a month after that I got acquainted with Alexander. Now we joke: as the uncle demanded to release ware under wine, at once the groom was (laughs).

— And you could dance, how Adriano Celentano — in a flank where grapes press?

— Well as at Celentano, hardly at whom it will turn out. But vineyards are, and ourselves do wine, 800 liters a year happen. I too trampled down. If in due form, you tear off a brush, and any knifes and scissors, only hands, that all live. Weight toptun is still important, my brother healthy grew up, in great demand there. Here, by the way, Celentano didn't suffice weight. Trampled, then all squeezed out in the earth store in long jugs — then not wine, and the candy turns out!

— And long to trample down?
— Watching what weight you have, grapes in tons happen, not in kilograms. What is done by my father, speak, the hangover doesn't bring. It for itself(himself) does, the purest, any impurity.
девушки с тренером Теей Донгузашвили
- Already thought how you will combine a family and work? You aren't afraid, what the husband will be jealous you of the national team?
- The husband understands what for me judo to which I gave 24 years of life matters. It doesn't prepare to me to stir. But, I think when there will be children, I will want to change style of work. Probably, then I will find the occupation which isn't demanding so frequent departures in business trips.
- On the World Cup you plan to arrive to Chelyabinsk?
- Certainly. While I live work, it is pleasant to me. The first year when only I came to a trainer's staff of Russian national team, I was confused, I didn't understand as how to do. I after all became trainers at once, having hardly finished sports career. And now I completely adapted, began to understand subtleties of trainer's activity. And my work is pleasant to me even more. To be the athlete — these are florets that the trainer does! I am very glad that I am now on other party of a tatami and I take great pleasure from work. Round me great trainers, the best people. And I at them study. I told to myself: it is impossible to shout. If you want that the person heard you, it is necessary to speak silently. Why to shout, offend athletes? This superfluous, it is possible to lose respect. I so can't.
- Authority among little girls already gained? Many of them found you still acting sportswoman.
- Really, now in the national team there are girls who fought in the national team together with me. Therefore I told that addressed to me as well as earlier. Otherwise I will feel the old (laughs). And young little girls address on a name middle name.
Девушек секундировала Теа Донгузашвили
- From your point of view, holding the World Cup will help with Chelyabinsk to judo development? And whether will be able to repeat little girls in Brazil the London result of guys?
- The house World Cup – the serious start, one of the major competitions. Certainly, we don't want to remain without medals. But from children wait for results more. Girls only just started "waking up". Certainly, all of us do in order that the result was. And I very much hope that two medals of the little girl will win. But nevertheless we place the main emphasis on the Olympic Games. The women's national team now, figuratively speaking is scratched, clings hands, feet and cogs if only to appear at top of the Olympic pedestal. Sportswomen direct all efforts for this purpose, but, of course, the result then won't come. Children needed four years that it turned out. Here and to us time is necessary.
In team excellent situation. I simply don't recognize little girls! They had mood, desire, aspiration. Training ended, and little girls aren't going to disperse. They are eager because believe in success to work.
- You regret, what didn't manage to work with Gamboy in stay by the sportswoman?
- Very much! I think if I had such trainer as Ezio Gamba, I would win not one Olympic medal and not only bronze.
- Team today the united: and men work at one tatami with you.
- Man's psychology and female the different. To the woman tell that she is a silly woman: or will believe, or a deaf ear will turn, and the man will go to prove that he isn't a fool. But the team is strong when in it let all and different, but all are aimed at result. At the national team long-term plans.
- You are a participant of two Olympic Games. They passed differently: Athens — a bronze medal, Beijing — a trauma and stressful tension because of the military conflict in Georgia …
— I very much worried when from Beijing couldn't phone home. Same the native! The soul not on a place was, certainly. And questions nobody got. In sports at us in general other relations, we don't share on a nationality, and has to be, probably. Someone approached: what at you here the relations? We laughed, embraced one of judoists: what — love, certainly!
Different it is Games. Athens for me was the first time, on lifting, night didn't fall down: I want! And nervous trembling. And happiness. Certainly, Athens passed on such breath — "ah! ".
Донгузашвили шутливо закрыла показания весов
In Beijing I was quiet and sure of the forces. Accurately I realized: where for what and why I arrived, but so everything developed … I was ready, but the first fight — with future Olympic champion. Before the Olympic Games I didn't meet it, and the competitor can, of course, try to be studied on videos. And to feel in fight — quite another matter. Yes I still suffered a serious injury of a knee. Dreadful dream, but from my real life. It was unclear, whether I will be able to return on the level. I tore a sheaf, and this at least half a year of idle time. Plus I had an operation. To it it is necessary to add time for restoration. It was heavy. You understand, in December 21 years as I am engaged in judo were executed, and never were heavy injuries. Damages were, but I could pass weeks three. At most a month. And when for the first time you face a heavy trauma, there are questions. To return on the level again to win a place in team, I needed nine months. But here during this pause, I admit, I thought of Finishing career. I had an ordinary fear. And whether I will be able, and whether I will sustain? Whether I will gather a former form? But then I remembered people who got such injuries three-four times, but became even stronger. And operations at them were much more serious, than at me. It also solved. Exactly a month I had a plastered foot. I was simply motionless. But I didn't fight six months. Then I began to come to a tatami in a kneecap, slowly I tried to carry out movements. But you know the shock when was?
- When?
- When it was necessary to remove a kneecap. It was very terrible. And it should be overcome.
Ирина Заблудина и Теа Донгузашвили
I at first left with rivals softer that this feeling when instinctively you protect a knee was gone. I passed somewhere year before in me again believed – for this purpose it was necessary to win two medals in the World Cup and the European championship. The big role in my return was played by my personal trainer Vladimir Gladchenko. It held me in sports. With Vladimir Nikolaevich we to this day – the best friends.
After all in sports there are so much good moments! You stand on a pedestal, you recognize on streets, congratulate. For the sake of it also it is worth training. You understand, I very much love all this. We on collecting often communicate with girls. Some really regret that judo started being engaged, became professional sportswomen. And I never regretted about the choice. Any day wasn't that I told myself: in vain, Tea, you was engaged in it.
- Even after defeats?
- There another. You are disappointed that didn't suffer, underfulfilled. You regret that became puzzled in any moment. But never you regret that you are engaged in judo. I on the place in life. Certainly, the athlete and the trainer should endow something. I thought over it much and I understand that if you want to be the good athlete or the trainer, it is required to refuse much. From the very many. Slightly you will distract - everything, you won't be able to be the athlete of high level any more. Most difficult "deprivation" for me always was a lack of communication with native. Especially we live in the different states and time absolutely isn't present. Earlier you don't represent as it was heavy. I even cried at the nights.
- Cried?
ОИ-2004 Теа Донгузашвили
- And what you surprises? I very sentimental. If any cinema touching - at once tears. And from defeats too always there were heavy emotions. In Vienna in the European championship-2010 lost in the final and then I didn't cry - bellowed. After all it already my seventh silver. You present, what such seven times to concede in the final? ! Certainly, was so upset one could cry, especially, when you know that in a hall Vladimir Putin sits and you supports!
- What did he tell you after competitions?
- It shook hands with me, kissed and told: "Don't worry, everything happens".
- It is known that in judo of the athlete can condemn. And to you favored sometime?
- Once the judge helped me, and once the doctor. Here I will tell about the doctor. It was possible to call him during fight earlier, to take a medical timeout. Though any respite. And I here on tournament in Bulgaria so got exhausted that wasn't simple forces already any. I laid down and can't rise. The doctor resorts, looks at me and everything understands. "Well? " – asks. I can tell nothing. "Knee? " – he prompts. I nod. It to me let's something do near a knee. More shortly, продышалась I. And once the arbitrator on tournament in Italy sees that I too flat-out, approach and, without changing faces, speaks: "The main thing don't fall, I won't punish for ignorance of fight". And it so inspired me that some seconds prior to the termination I also carried out reception. But there were also other stories. Once I wished defeat to the girls from the national team.
- Why?
- Business was in China, in the World Cup among the military personnel. We reached the final and in a decisive match had to battle to owners. And here the such began. All started running, there arrived any generals, a panic. The trainer resorts, says that we surely have to win. Me shook specifically. And in team competitions I always leave the last, and is very frequent only after my fight and the winner is defined. But the situation was such that I sat, looked at our girls and thought if only not at me everything was solved if only they lost. Two it was a shame to me with those thoughts of year.
- How everything ended?- Yes we won. Certainly, in my duel the winner in team tournament also was defined. I won.
- You won and the last meeting in team tournament of the championship of Russia to Kemerovo. It also became completion of sports career.
- I declared the withdrawal from big-time sports on the festive celebration devoted to 40-year anniversary of formation of Federation of judo of Russia that took place to Kemerovo on the eve of the championship. The president of FDR Vasily Anisimov handed over me there the certificate on the car – an excellent gift. Well and the beautiful end it was pleasant to put to career as a part of native team of St. Petersburg, having won in the final against Siberian Natalya Sokolova.
It was my last fight on a tatami. The championship to Kemerovo will be remembered and remains to me light in mind. There is a wish to exhale and tell: "At last! " I was very tired - 22 years in sports are much. There is a pleasure that sports life is finished and the new stage begins. In life I tested the biggest pleasure when for the first time I won a World Cup medal. I woke up in the morning - all was ill. It seemed, even cogs ache! I couldn't move. I opened eyes, and I thought - what sweet dream, I - the third on the world! And here I understood: it not dream, and truth! Here I won't forget this moment never! It is sure, there will be in my life still a set of fine days.
- Really you didn't wonder, what could do, if not judo?
- Oh, at all I don't know. I like to be engaged in design. Perhaps, to this party would move. It is pleasant to sew. I in general to the new apartment first of all bought the sewing machine. Even I got the refrigerator later.
- What you sew?
- It is impossible to tell that I directly make any things, but to remake as it is convenient to me, I can. Yes, now both in Russia, and in Europe there are a lot of shops where I can buy any clothes, even for the non-standard figure. But all the same in a ready thing something can it isn't pleasant. I even to myself altered a down-padded coat. Here it seemed to me that sleeves there widish. Also it isn't taken a detached view. Safely I sat down at the machine and let's work. And same it is difficult with a down-padded coat. I suffered, tried. The down on all apartment flies. But I after all made as it is necessary to me.
Marina Mayorova (FDR), Irina Vasilyeva (St. Petersburg), Irina Stepantseva (MK)


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