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25 years ago died legendary trainer Sergey Preobrazhensky

Thursday, 21 November 2013, 11:34
25 years ago died legendary trainer Sergey Preobrazhensky

The last century at us was surprisingly generous on trainer's talents. Sonorous names of instructors of that time and today very famous: Vsevolod Bobrov, Anatoly Tarasov with Arcady Tchernyshev - in hockey, Victor Alekseev - in track and field athletics, Konstantin Gradopolov - in boxing, Konstantin Beskov and Valery Lobanovsky - in soccer, brothers Victor and Evgeny Arkadyev - in fencing, Anatoly Harlampiyev in sambo, Stanislav Zhuk in figure skating.

Sergey Andriyovych Preobrazhensky from their galaxy. If the trainer brings up at least one champion - honor to it and praise. Preobrazhenskiy I gave a start in life more than dozen of athletes who have become pride of the country, and still it was included into trainer's council of national team in 1960-1980 and was directly involved in all brilliant breaks on international scenes of our wrestlers of freestyle. But on the "Hamburg" account trainer's work isn't reduced only to the "gold" won by his wards.

For eyes he was called "Serega". Hardly he guessed it. By sight the third-party person - almost that familiarity. Actually, here other implication. He in the first years of the tutorial career was the playing trainer - itself both fought, and prepared a national team of Leningrad on free-style wrestling for the Sports contest of the people of the USSR. So in a nickname were combined for us its youth - so it was perceived by us, despite an obvious seniority, after all it "plowed" on a carpet as equals with us. By the way, then on the Sports contest the team competition was won by wrestlers of freestyle of St. Petersburg conducted by it - the city quite recently transferred incredible blockade deprivations. It was apprehended by experts at the level of a miracle. And there ascended a trainer's star of Preobrazhensky.

The first time I faced it face to face on training collecting before that, memorable for it and all his pupils, the Sports contest. In the sports hall of the Arena there was a completing of the national team of the city: the main structure was coordinated, sparring partners got out it in the help, lists were specified. For form's sake at all checked weight. The turn and reached me - "heavyweight". I and on a crossbeam that couldn't be tightened. I began after all quite recently with sambo. I won after only two months of occupations a title of the champion of the city among young men - from fright. That's all my achievements.

On the Kirov islands, in the summer on Sundays, wrestlers wrestlers carried out "open" carpets - compete who wants if only there was a desire. There I was picked up also for kindness sincere by Kornilov. In its team children were all as on selection, the such calibrated robust fellows are a match for it. My new teacher literally prayed on the weight. He considered force as the main argument in duels. For me - the pushover who hasn't absolutely departed yet from blockade, those weights were very heavy. And I not on slyness, and because of the physical not urine, carried out exercises with seen the natugy. Kornilov shouted in the beginning at me - shouted, probably, considering that I loaf, and then waved a hand, having reconciled, probably, to thought that with me some porridge you won't cook.

In a hall vanity, hubbub. I force the way, to scales, I become on them. The arrow of scales came, then it "settled down", and I heard: "Let's write down - 95 kg"! ! ! In any way I didn't expect that I will gain during the summer such weight. My growing passed in the most factory district of St. Petersburg, and at us in a yard, otherwise, as on a slang, didn't talk. On instantly hung silence in a hall, I felt that blurted out, something not that, not to that and not in that place. Only here I saw the one whom I imposed with the slangy word. On me, in an emphasis, eyes in eyes, the person obzhigayushche looked. In its steel blueness a look there was something such that обдало my back ice cold.

Neither to, nor after, I didn't happen to meet people of such perfect breed. I was faced by the blue-eyed, white teeth blonde, in a sea officer single-breasted coat, with silver shoulder straps of the technician, dexterously thrown over shoulders. From it the feeling of any internal power and born aristocratism proceeded. During that instant I didn't feel that found, the real trainer, the instructor, the teacher. And all the life, addressing to it, I always spoke to it only "you".

Sergey Andriyovych Preobrazhensky didn't get any trainer's education. It finished the Great Patriotic War in Keningsberg with awards not staff, but real, fighting. Its appeal of 1923 mowed clean without remainder. Probably, also therefore, after the Victory, it with great feeling snatched almost on everything, trying to make up for lost time both for itself and for those the guys who haven't come back from war. Sergey Andeevich graduated from the Leningrad Chemical institute of technology - institution very serious, became the champion of the country on rowing, the silver prize-winner of the USSR on free-style wrestling, the master of sports on sambo and cycling, collected library, got pigeons, was fond of horses, trained dogs. Even his bulldog got to "dog" elite, having won a title of the champion of the country in the breed. Preobrazhenskiy I wrote articles, sketches, books about wrestling. Having got in a consignment shop "Zenith", was fond of the photo. Foreign colleagues in general considered him not as the trainer, and the regular photographer of USSR national team because, bringing the ward to a carpet, it continuously clicked and clicked the camera. Houses it formed an enormous photograph collection. Then after all TV broadcasts weren't conducted, but we knew the opponents by sight, could investigate their receptions on stones. They at all didn't suspect that thanks to "Seregina" passions, were for us declassified. We knew everything about their technical equipment. Adoring all equipment, by means of a trophy tolstoboky, Swiss penknife it repaired chronometers, TVs, cameras and all household appliances of that time available to it. And how many hours it spent for second-hand "Victory", bringing it round? !

All these hobbies upset only his father, the person priestly to a sort, sedate which managed chair in the Leningrad forest Academy. The father considered that his son has to go on his scientific path, instead of be engaged in overindulgence. And the son somehow not so, married the singer, an artistochka, the benefit that that graduated from the Leningrad conservatory. Well what boyish heart could resist a scattering of such hobbies? We on Preobrazhenskoye looked as if the bewitched. And it, after trainings, filled us "Victory" and carried to the wife Margarita Sergeevna on a concert. It had a remarkable soprano. Speaking in Moscow, at the most prestigious musical competition of a name of Tchaikovsky, it was awarded the honourable diploma.

On days off, in the summer, we came to Sergey Andriyovych on giving: mushroomed, fished, picked berries. And then his mother generously treated us with pies. Neither to nor after it wasn't necessary to try such pies. They were baked according to ancient recipes, from dough under the name "drowned man" because it lowered in a bucket with water and waited when "Kolobok" will emerge to a surface. Those pies had a special stuffing: from a cod with green onions, with carrots, with the buckwheat cereal mixed with fried mushrooms by onions and boiled eggs, with a rhubarb.

And Sergey Andriyovych's city apartment quite often turned into an inn. His pupils sometimes lived for weeks and even months. As all this was suffered by Margarita Sergeevna, having on hands also two babies, I don't represent. It wasn't reflected in us. We were always invited for New year and ate greedily its firm pie "Napoleon". It prepared for the Olympic Games to Rome on sport base near Podolsk. Olympians lived in the former mansion of the pre-revolutionary Moscow millionaire of baker Filipov, and for the wards our trainer pitched tent, right there under the mountain, on the bank of the rivulet under intriguing name "Mocha". In the afternoon we allowed on trainings of adults, and there we were taken to mind to reason at masters, and gathered at a fire, before tent in the evening: read aloud loved by Sergey Andriyovych the American comic writer O'Genri , baked potato and argued, how permissibly to be engaged in a hishchenka, digging out it at night on a kolkhoz field.

But, of course, its trainings were hobby Preobrazhenskogo. We hurried on them, as if for a holiday. It took, for example, the most running reception and offered each of us to turn it under itself. After all, he spoke, all of you different and rivals come across to you different caliber so to treat all alike - is more useless, it is necessary to scatter brains. And we with ecstasy conjured. Tried to dream with total dedication. On searches of highlights weeks, months, sometimes years left. But in its Petersburg laboratory was born such, as up to that moment brings into bewilderment of wrestlers and ours, and foreign. Any receptions became the general property, for example, the "mill", any try to copy and to this day.

Him often reproached that he specially selects in the team of only intelligent children. Anything similar. We were from the unlike families, different prosperity, and almost all studied though on different courses, but at the same institute of physical culture of a name Lesgafta. From here - similarity of our interests, destinies, aspirations. To us who have got to a field of its attraction, there was no place to disappear. Anatoly Albul, Yury Zamyatin, Leonid Kolesnik, Yury Tinkov, Robert Dzhgamadze, Evgeny Nadezhdin, Gennady Strakhov and other his pupils, never sought to be exempted from Seregina of guardianship.

I am afraid that the part from the aforesaid, is perceived today as the fairy tale on a pink voditsa. It had no collateral earnings. Everything became for its salary and Margarita Sergeevna. But I embellish nothing. He at all wasn't such sentimental somewhat eccentric doctor Aybolit. War shaped, made of it the person rigid, staunch, not breaking a back before the higher administration. I often stuck to it with inquiries about military everyday life. After all it in entrenchments of Leningrad, that without knowing, I protected also me - the blockade survivor. I fingered it, trying to learn how people in inhuman conditions stood? Its answer was extremely capacious: "Not to fall. What wouldn't be hunger, not побирушничай, don't rummage on garbage cans"

- Well, and when you rise under bullets in attack? - I continued to finger it. - Under bullets you grow blind from rage - you fly into a rage …. He wasn't able to defend our household interests. It wasn't successful in a role of the trainer-bouncer of everyones scarce for those times the commodity benefits: refrigerators, the Romanian polished furniture, color TVs, cars.

Sergey Andriyovych wasn't an exception - the unique trainer. Shoulder to shoulder, besides Yakut Korkin, together with Yaltyryan, Georgian Vasso Iluridze, Ossetian Aslanbek Dzgoyev and others bore the tutorial cross the Armenian Aram. Each of them in own way was the trainer outstanding.

For the description of original trainer's methods of work of Sergey Andriyovych the whole book, instead of this sketch is necessary. It in each trifle was peculiar. Coming to a carpet the second, being in the thick of things when from a spectator agiotage it is possible to become deaf, he managed to keep the head of the cold: I didn't shout, didn't fuss, seldom something I prompted to the ward. For it "silence" was a position. He considered that isn't present to sense in councils when on a carpet in a duel two characters clash. He considered that to train in cunnings of fight during a duel - late. Missed in trainings, a uniform move you won't make up. But, perhaps, another was the main argument: "Imagine, - he spoke, - For any reason I won't be able to be near you on a carpet, and what then? ! Learn to win without nurses".

Sergey Andriyovych - the trainer of the highest test. But as the main thing in the profession I considered not a conclusion of the athlete to the Olympic orbit, and his formation in life. His pupils won champion regalia, worked as diplomats in Geneva, served in the Ministry of Defence, went in for sports telejournalism, achieved ranks in medicine, worked as foremen at building, went on its trainer's feet. CSKA sports hall, especially in days of an autumn set, didn't contain all wishing to be engaged at it. It didn't refuse to any boy, didn't tell that that weakling and to it not a place in wrestling section. Elimination happened somehow itself. Someone was lazy, someone was frightened by discipline, someone understood that was mistaken a door. Only once in the life he turned out one beginning wrestler from the sports hall. In a vague 1990th surname of unaccomplished athlete Ivankovich I rattled not only in Russia, but also over the ocean in America. In criminal circles it was better known under a nickname Yaponchik.

Sergey Andriyovych took place and in family life. Two of his daughters, the grandson and the granddaughter - everyone in own way continue today business begun of. And every year its native, companions, friends, acquaintances and simply admirers of his talent, gather, come to capital sports club CSKA where in the middle of December to be held traditional tournament among young men on the free-style wrestling, devoted to his light memory.

Text: Alexander Ivanitsky


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